3 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the Refrigerator

3 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the Refrigerator

It is always advisable to refrigerate food at a temperature between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit (between 1 ° C and 3 ° C).
While refrigeration can reduce spoilage for many types of food, it is not recommended for all edible foods in the kitchen.

The following information describes 3 foods that should not be refrigerated and why they are best left at room temperature.

1- Coffee

Coffee always needs a cool, dry place to stay as fresh as possible. Refrigerator temperatures are normally too cold.
Coffee should also remain in an airtight container to maintain high quality.
The National Coffee Association states that coffee beans should be stored well at room temperature and away from heat, moisture, and light.

2- Bread

Cold temperatures tend to dry out many items. Bread is a food that will become very dry and stale if refrigerated.
Bread can also have a chewy texture if stored for a very long time in a cold environment.

3- Tomatoes

Tomatoes will lose a very large part of their flavor which is very rich and very tangy if stored in the refrigerator.
Cold temperatures will completely change the texture of the tomatoes and break some membranes inside.
They can eventually become a bit mealy, mushy, and tasteless.
Tomatoes will ripen at a steady rate and retain their delicious flavor if stored on the counter at room temperature.

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