Levels of Puppy Energy by Age

The behavior of puppies and their energy levels change over time, to time. Here are the following stages.

From Birth-10 Weeks

Puppies at this age are like “babies.” They have boundless energy and curiosity. Most of their day they spend playing and learning the foundations to be a dog: running, running, caressing, biting, and fighting. Their enthusiasm for life and surroundings can be exhausting, but it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about a plan for care and puppy training.

From 10 Weeks-16 Weeks

Puppies at this age can still have a lot of playful energy. But they also start testing their borders. Like teens, they may seem to “forgetting” the rules or orders they have followed. It is normal developmental behavior for puppies of this juvenile phase. This behavior can be due to the dentition that puppies are starting to lose their first teeth set about 3-4 months.

From 4-6 Months

You will know your puppy likes to love it, play – fight with other dogs around this age. This is how puppies begin to identify where they fit a group. This is expected behavior. It is also around this age when some puppies show fear. If your puppy shows fear, it is better to ignore the behavior and strengthen confidence through training.

From 6-12 Months

Although your puppy might look like a grown-up adult dog today, it’s still a puppy. You could see a blast of puppy enthusiasm and constant boundary checks at this age. That’s why ensuring that your puppy always becomes a lot of organized and exercise game is vital. At this age, the continuity of training and socialization with other dogs is still essential.

From 1-2 Years

Congratulations! You have survived the puppy! As your puppy is close to age (up to two years for a great breed), he begins to look and act more mature. It will probably always play, but he has now learned the ropes and is much better at following the rules.