everyone wants to stay in shape and looking young we all know eating well and being physically active are good habits but did you know that it must train the muscles of the gifts face the same way you train the other parts of his body otherwise they lose their firmness with age surely you must have thought oh my god another part of the body trained i just paid my 1 gym membership no worries that no need for a gym or special equipment to perform the  following exercises you can do in front of your computer.

 how are the this exercise is more effective to get rid of a double chin ????

first as with any other workout you must and heat the muscles of your face move his lower jaw back and forth and out the sides the movements must not be sudden they must be done slowly and smoothly repeat the exercise 8-10 times now .

exercise 1 :

The spoon : let’s start with the first exercise the spoon opens your mouth and red lower lip surfer lower teeth imagine you have to serve water with his lower jaw lower his head and serve my mouths when you lift your head while doing this exercise be careful that the corners of your lips be completely relaxed repeat exercise between five and seven times it’s easy isn’t it then up to the second exercise

exercise  2 :

Hit the nose : a double chin is also associated with weak jungian muscles so it is necessary  that you have strengthened it stick out your tongue as much as possible and that is to touch your nose with the band the tongue keep your lips relaxed and repeat the exercise a hundred times.  if you want to lift your cheeks and this is the third exercise .

exercise  3 :

turn your head to the left and place your lower jaw forward in  stretching uncle’s muscles you must feel the muscles on the side  left bluefin tuna are stretching then turns their head to the straight and doing the same repeat the exercise 5 times for each side we

Exercise 4 :

let’s call the fourth exercise kiss the giraffe imagine that you have to kiss a giraffe come on don’t be shy giraffes  also need love imagine if not that you have to forearm it’s someone very tall lift his head and look at the ceiling then walk forward gently forward her lower jaw and sermit lips as if you was going to kiss someone keep this position for five to eight seconds and release repeat this exercise 5 times for the

exercise 5 :    

fifth exercise that we call resistance place his hands in points under his chin then start to move your lower jaw gently on your points and stretch muscles and all by supporting the resistance gradually increase the pressure when you  reach maximum resistance hold the position for three seconds then relax and repeat the exercise 5-7 times.

exercise 6 :

the sixth exercise goofy cheeks is kinda cute and funny inhale deep through the mouth is filled the dry land the mouth and swells and plays now lean the apples of your hands on your cheeks so that a killer focus in your muscles hold for three to five seconds then exhale relax repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times.

Exercise 7 :

then here is the last exercise our favorite is certainly smiling in having your mouth shut and pulling the corners of your lips as much as possible now push your tongue against your going increasing gradually pressure if you feel a lot of tension in the muscles of your chin so congratulations you are doing the exercise properly for 5 seconds then relax for three seconds ray does this exercise five to eight times by the way this exercise also works to cheer yourself up when you’re not feeling well